New Kidz alert: silly circus

it's been quite a while, hasn't it XP And while the reign of plastic has over taken the kidz, there are still a few new ones:

I love their stylized faces because it's super adorable with the concept. And yet another great concept that would've been better with real clothing. heh.

I will go down with this ship!


new kidz listed at

if you were hoping for clothing clothing, or at the very least, plastic cloothing that wraps all the way around, keep hoping:

4 ever kidz fun faces:

Cloe -
Yasmin -

Cloe is adorable, what a shame. the masks are neat and child like, but the lack of clothing is not.

fashion petz :

Cloe -
Yasmin -

funky 'clothes', but eh.

I'm so sad that this is where they ended up. this was a great line, and I still don't know why they ruined it for no reason, as it was popular because it was like nothing else out. UGH, mga XP

Do U have Extra Bratz Kidz 4 sale?


Hi!  I started my collection late, and so I didn't get all the dolls.  I was wondering if anyone had any Kidz extras they would be willing to sale to me (well if I have enough for it in my budget).  Thanks either way. =)

Bratz Kidz Super Secret Water Park with Carlyn (doesn't exist)
Bratz Kidz Dana's super secret manicure bedroom
Bratz Kidz Yasmin Ice Champions
Bratz Kidz Yasmin Wild West
Bratz Kidz Yasmin Wintertime

Also looking for these accessories/clothes:
Bratz Kidz School Meygan's hoodie
Bratz Kidz Pampered Pupz: dog, dog dress, dog leash, bowl, bone and pillow
Bratz Kidz Birthday Cloe's pink dress
Bratz Kidz Birthday Yasmin's purple dress

Either way, thanks for taking the time to read this. =)

Call her an alternate

While parusing for what they had up, I noticed this entry:

It's a listing for the snap on vehichels, but with the option of Fianna or a brown haired girl who is more than likely Dana.